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Air Travel

Most nonstop flights between North America and Italy serve Rome and Milan, where connections to Venice are available, though the airport in Venice also now accommodates some nonstop flights from the U.S. International flights land at Milan’s Malpensa airport, so make sure a connecting flight to Venice also leaves from there rather than Linate, Milan’s other airport. It’s also easy, and often more convenient, to connect to Venice via other European hubs, such as Paris or Amsterdam.

Flying time to Milan, Rome, or Venice is approximately 8–8½ hours from New York, 10–11 hours from Chicago, and 11½ hours from Los Angeles. Flight time from Rome or Milan to Venice is about an hour.

Labor strikes are not as frequent in Italy as they were some years ago, but when they do occur they can affect not only air travel, but also local public transit that serves airports. Your airline will have usually have details about strikes affecting its flight schedules.

Airline Security Issues

Transportation Security Administration. The agency has answers for almost every security question that might come up. 866/289--9673;


A helpful website for information (location, phone numbers, local transportation, etc.) about all of the airports in Italy is


Venice is served by Aeroporto di Venezia Marco Polo (VCE). The airport is small but well equipped with restaurants, snack bars, shopping, and Wi-Fi access.

Airport Information

Aeroporto di Venezia. 6 km (4 miles) north of Venice, 041/2609260;

Airline Contacts

Alitalia. 800/223–5730; 892/010; 06/65640;

British Airways. 800/247–9297; 02/69633602;

Delta Air Lines. 888/750–3284; 02/38591451;

EasyJet. +44330/3655454; 199/201840; 0330/3655000;

Ryanair. 0871/2460000; 895/8958989;

Domestic Carriers

Airport Transfers

Water transfer

From Marco Polo terminal it's a mostly covered seven-minute walk to the dock where ferries depart for Venice's historic center. It’s quite possible, though, that your hotel will be nowhere near one of the ferry stops, so check in advance. Another option is a motoscafo (water taxi), which carries up to four people and four bags to the city center in a powerboat—with a base cost of €95 for the 25-minute trip. Each additional person over five people costs €10 extra.

Alilaguna. This company has regular, scheduled ferry service from predawn until nearly midnight. During most of the day there are two departures from the airport to Venice every hour, at 15 and 45 minutes after. Early-morning and evening departures are less frequent, but there is at least one per hour. The charge is €15, including bags, and it takes about 1½ hours to reach the landing near Piazza San Marco; some ferries also stop at Fondamente Nove, Murano, Lido, the Cannaregio Canal, and the Rialto. Slight reductions are possible if you book a round trip online. 041/2401701;

Land transfer

Depending on your hotel’s location, the most convenient way to reach it may be by bus from the airport to Piazzale Roma and vaporetto from there.

ATVO. Buses run by ATVO make a quick (20 minute) and cheap (€8) trip from the airport to Piazzale Roma, from where you can get a vaporetto to the stop nearest your hotel. Tickets are sold from machines and at the airport ground transportation booth (daily 9–7:30), and on the bus when tickets are otherwise unavailable. The public ACTV Bus No. 5 also runs to the Piazzale Roma in about the same time; tickets (€8) are available at the airport ground transportation booth. Veneto. 0421/383672;


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