Morocco: Women's Expedition

07/01/2023 through 11/20/2024
07/01/2023 through 11/30/2024
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Morocco: Women’s Expedition

Join Intrepid on this incredible female-only adventure – an unforgettable expedition to the remote and less-travelled reaches of Morocco. Begin in Marrakech, then set off to experience the side of Morocco they don’t tell you about in the guidebooks. Break bread with Amazigh (Berber) families in remote homes, see how an artist co-op is empowering female rug-weavers in small villages, take in the beauty of the far-flung M’goun Valley over four days of hiking with the region’s first local female guide, and enjoy the singing and dancing of Moroccan women in cultural ceremonies in rural communities. With all the hallmarks of a classic Intrepid adventure – local leadership, private transport, real life experiences – and an added focus on female travel and female empowerment, this is a unique opportunity for women to blaze the trail in an incredible but often conservative country.


  • Bou Tharar – Amazigh music and local songs
  • Agouti – Couscous demonstration
  • Bou Tharar – Hike to Agouti
  • Amejgag – Rug-weaving workshop visit
  • Agouti – Hike to Amejgag
  • Amejgag – Moroccan breakfast preparation
  • Issoumar – Folk tales and music
  • Amejgag – Hike to Issoumar
  • Bou Tharar – Farm visit
  • Bou Tharar – Amazigh dress and make up
  • Issoumar – Hike to Bou Tharar
  • Ait Benhaddou – Leader-led ksar walk
  • Marrakech – Home-cooked dinner
  • Marrakech – Houariyates performance


  • Find out what it means to be female in Morocco as you travel with an all-women group, a local female leader, the M’Goun Valley’s first local female guide, and meet plenty of inspiring women along the way.
  • Learn from the best as you take part in a traditional couscous cooking lesson, find out how to make fresh khobz (flatbread), and be welcomed into the home of a local woman in Marrakech for a meal you won’t forget.
  • Spend four days hiking between remote villages in the M’Goun Valley, accompanied by a local female guide who will bring the region to life with her incomparable knowledge and experience.
  • Dine on delicious local cuisine as you enjoy a private performance by The Houariyates, a female music band that will fill the room and your heart with joyful songs praising and celebrating women.
  • Visit the historic town of Ait Benhaddou and its iconic mudbrick ksar. You’ll soon see why this eye-catching site has been used as a backdrop in many famous films.


Day 1 Marrakech
Day 2 Bou Tharar
Day 3 Agouti
Day 4 Amejgag
Day 5 Issoumar
Day 6 Bou Tharar
Day 7 Marrakech
Day 8 Marrakech

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